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der Imperativ, die Befehlsform

Imperative is a form of the verb that is used when you give commands.
In English, where most forms look the same, you don’t have to do anything.

  • Look!

In German, there’s a small rule. But it’s boring, and so I didn’t talk about it yet.
In short:
The formal form looks like the infinitive.

  • Geben Sie mir ein Bier!
  • Give me a beer, Sir/man!

The non-formal du-form (which is what you’ll need), is like the normal du-form but without the “st”

  • Gib mir ein Bier!
  • Give me a beer!

Oh and no vowel change from “a” to “ä”.

  • ich schlafe, du schläfst


  • Schlaf gut!
  • Sleep well!



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