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Word Order

One of the most confusing topics for German learners. Most sources will talk about Te Ka Mo Lo, but if you want to know what's REALLY going on, the deep and dirty truth, about German sentence structure... check out my posts and get your mind blown.

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**Here are the posts in which I have talked about this concept in detail.**
German Word Order - Beyond Rules

We'll start tackling German Word Order and Sentence Structure. We'll see what's really going on under the hood and see why rules fail and what we need instead.

German Word Order - Part 2

Part two of our look at German Word Order and sentence structure. Part one was the groundwork - now it's time, to actually use it and look at some sentences.

German Word Order - Part 3

In the last part of our mini series, we'll apply what we've learned and also learn a really helpful analogy that can help get a "feel" for word order in German.

Advent Calendar 14 - "The Joinoooor"

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