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das Konditional

“conditional” is a statement that revolves around a condition in the sense of “if… then”. There are different types of these statements and some of those types might need a special form of the verb to be expressed. Even though conditional statements are pretty universal, the rules and definitions vary a lot between languages.

On this site, I also use “Conditional” for the verb form. Officially, it is called “Subjunktiv” in German.

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**Here are the posts in which I have talked about this concept in detail.**
Conditional in German - 1

In this episode about the conjunctive in German, we'll get a little overview over the topic, see why we call it conditional instead and learn all about "würde".

Conditional in German 2- The Real Conditional

In this episode, we'll look at the verbs that use their real form for the conditional in daily life and not the version with "würde".

Conditional in German 4 - The Past

We'll learn a step by step guide on how to build the past of the conditional (subjunctive) and see why it is really really important to forget about English.

Conditional in German 5 - Past Conditional 2
Past Conditional - Exercise

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