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Adjective Endings


German adjectives get different endings depending on gender and case. Usually, it’s a confusing topic, and you need to study tables, but there’s an easier way.

In my series, you’ll learn a system that’ll get you about 80% correct without much thought and that you can start using even as an absolute beginner… all 100% table free.
I know it sounds like a sales pitch, but it really is a great system.

German Adjective Endings  – Part 1 (the crucial first hack) 

German Adjective Endings – Part 2 (the second crucial hack)

German Adjective Endings – Part 3 (the nerdy rest)

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German Adjective Endings - For Beginners

We'll learn a really nice hack for German Adjective Endings that'll you can use even as a beginner and that'll get you 60% right.

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