der Stammkunde



the regular customer
(sounds a bit less technical in German. "Stammkunde" often implies that you really like the place.)

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Word of the Day - "Kunde"

Kunde means customer. But also knowledge. And kündigen mean to fire someone. Today, we’ll find out what connects all those and learn some more cool words.


der Kunde, sich erkundigen,kündigen, ankündigen, die Kündigung, die Urkunde

Word of the Day - "der Stamm"

A quick look at the various uses of "der Stamm" in German and the mysteries meanings of "Stammtisch" and "Stammbar".


der Stamm, der Stammtisch, der Stammbaum, der Baumstamm, der Stammkunde, stammen, stemmen

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Root: *gno
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