to quit the job
(Works fine without an object.)
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to cancel a contract/plan
(The contract is the direct object here.)
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Opposite: abschließen
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to lay off, to fire
(The person being fired can be in Dative AND Accusative, actually. With Dative, it sounds a little less in the face.)
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Word of the Day - "Kunde"

Kunde means customer. But also knowledge. And kündigen mean to fire someone. Today, we’ll find out what connects all those and learn some more cool words.


der Kunde, sich erkundigen,kündigen, ankündigen, die Kündigung, die Urkunde

Advent Calendar 15 - Cancelling 101

Word Family

Root: *gno-

The core idea of this root was


It’s the origin of can and to know and a big branch of Latin and Greek words that are all about knowledge in some way.
Here’s a little (incomplete) overview:

  • can, could (“knowledge, skill”)
  • to know, knowledge, acknowledge (“to know”)
  • cognition (“get to know”)
  • agnostic (“not knowing”)
  • ignore, ignorant (“not knowing”)
  • incognito (“unknown”)
  • connoisseur (“the knower”)
  • diagnose (“know about someone else”)
  • recognize (“know again”)
  • physiognomy (“knowledge of the physique”)
  • notice, notify
  • noble (“the known ones”)
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