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die Heftklammer


a staple, stapler pin

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Word of the Day - "die Klammer"

Today, we’ll climb to the top of Mount Klammer together. The higher we get, the more useful related words we can see :). Also: surprise relations to English #jawdrop


die Klammer, klammern, ausklammern, klemmen, klettern, kleben

Word of the Day - "haft"

A fun look at the meaning of "haft" and its family. A ride that'll take us from a jail sentence all the way to a stapler pin. Ernsthaft?! Yup, ernsthaft :)


haft, haften, verhaften, die Haft, zwanghaft, zweifelhaft, das Heft, heften, der Hefter, heftig

Word Family

Root: *glei-
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