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das Entgelt


the compensation/payment
(General term for Lohn and Gehalt. Not too common, except in jargon. )


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Word of the Day - "gelten"

A fun look at the meaning of 'gelten' and why 'gleichgültig' means 'indifferent'. Of course with audio examples :)

Word of the Day - "der Lohn"

A fun look at the noun "der Lohn" and how to say “It’s worth it” in German. Oh, and a look at the difference between Lohn and Gehalt #boring


der Lohn, sich lohnen, belohnen, das Gehalt

Word Family

Root: *gheldh-

The core idea of this root was:

paying, giving tribute

In German, the verb gelten shifted more toward the idea of “being valid“, first as a tribute and then later in the more general sense. And the noun Geld eventually became the word for money.
The English yield shifted more toward the aspect of giving.

In the context of investing the ideas of  Geld and yield kind of meet up.

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