to follow, to come after
(The being or thing followed is in Dative. This is also what you need for following on social media.)
to result
("folgen aus+Dative" - ONLY in the sense of thoughts and deductions, not actual results. Often a translation where English would say "That means" or "this implies")
to succeed something/someone
("folgen auf+Acc" - can be used )

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Word of the Day - "folgen"

'folgen' means 'to follow', but there's much more it than that. Today, we'll explore the family and find a surprising connection to English.


folgen, die Folge, infolgedesen,folglich, zufolge, folgenlos

Word of the Day - "fordern"

A fun look at the meaning of "fordern" and "fördern" and what demanding has to do with support, challenges and mining. In short: lots of useful words.


forder, fördern, die Forderung, die Förderung, befördern, erforderm, herausfordern, auffordern, unterfordern

Word of the Day - "folgen" - Folge 2

Today, we'll take a look at the prefix verbs of "folgen"and see how success relates to following. Special guest: folgern.


folgen, verfolgen, befolgen, erfolgen, der Erfolg, folgern, die Folgerung

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