die Angst



the angst, the anxiety, the fear
(The German term is very broad and the precise meaning depends on context.)
Opposite (closest): Mut

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3 months ago

I’m not sure if this is the best place to put this, but I had a question about translating, “I’m afraid of” + activity.
In particular, do I need an anticipatory “davor,” and if not why not?
Ich habe Angst (davor), zu sterben.
Ich habe Angst vorm (vor dem) Fliegen.
Ich habe Angst (davor), meine Eltern zu enttäuschen.

It seems that I always have to put the “darauf, darüber” stuff.
“Ich freue mich darauf” + blah-blah+blah.
“Ich denk darüber nach” + blah blah + blah.

But maybe it’s optional??


3 months ago
Reply to  Emanuel

Thanks! Ok. Since I don’t have much Sprachgefühl and this isn’t something listed in the dictionary should the learner by default use anticipatory-da compounds because it’s never wrong, just maybe sometimes a bit clunky or unnecessary?

Like better safe than sorry.

In this case, it seems that if it’s an infinitive the best is just “vorm”
(1) Ich habe keine Angst vorm Sterben.

In the other causes, you can’t go wrong with a da-compound.
(2) Ich habe Angst davor, dass der Hund mich beißt.
(3) Ich habe Angst davor, um die Prüfung nicht zu bestehen.

Is that accurate?

Btw, just signed up for the “Unicorn” plan :)

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