the need, the demand
(Sounds pretty neutral and objective. For more personal needs, "Bedürfnis" is the way to go.)
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Word of the Day - "brauchen"

A fun look at "brauchen" (to need), its prefix versions and how to use "brauchen" with verbs. Also: some really cool relations to English and other languages.


brauchen, verbrauchen, der Brauch, der Bedarf, Gebrauchsanweisung

Prefix Verb Advents Calender - 2
The meanings of "fordern" and "fördern"

A fun look at the meaning of "fordern" and "fördern" and what demanding has to do with support, challenges and mining. In short: lots of useful words.


forder, fördern, die Forderung, die Förderung, befördern, erforderm, herausfordern, auffordern, unterfordern

The meaning of "dürfen"

A thorough look at the German modal verb "dürfen". We'll learn where it comes from, how it gots the meanings it has today and what related words there are.


duerfen, der Bedarf, bedürftig, das Bedürfnis

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