to trust someone
("jemandem vertrauen" - also works reflexively)
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to trust on
("vertrauen auf+Acc" - not very common and not for trusting people directly, but rather trusting they'll do something.)
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Word of the Day - "trauen"

A fun look at the German verb "trauen", the difference to "sich trauen" and what confidence has to do with marriage and fidelity. #datingadvice #kidding


trauen, sich trauen, vertrauen, treu, heiraten,

Word Family

The core idea of this root was

firm, hard, strong

It has evolved into quite an impressive language tree where the two main branches in English are about lasting over time (during, duration, durable, endurance) and being steadfast, honest (trust, truth, true)

Here’s a little (incomplete) overview:

  • tree
  • dendro- (Greek stem for tree)
  • Druid (literally “tree-wit, tree, knower”)
  • dryad (“wood nymph”)
  • duration, during, endurance, durable
  • trust
  • truth, true
  • duress (originally:” hardness”, then “toughness”)
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