to put your foot down
(NOT for the figurative English use. It's a very technical term in German and you mostly find it in context of sport injuries)
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to appear, to perform
(In contexts of going on some sort of stage, but also sometimes used more generally for someone "presenting" something.)
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to occur
(Usually used in context of "phenomena".)
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The meaning of "treten" - And its prefix versions

A fun look at the German verb "treten" and its family. We'll learn the origins and loads of useful related nouns and prefix verbs.


treten, der Tritt, der Schritt, eintreten, austreten, auftreten, vertreten, betreten

Word Family

Root: *der-

This root is not 100% certain (in a a sense that etymologists feel like they don’t have enough evidence to call it a a certain “thing”), but the core idea of it would be:

walking, making steps

And it’s the origin of English to tread, trap and trip.

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