Dictionary verb ab verb *der- treten abtreten



to step down
(In context of posts. )
Opposite (closest): antreten (zu)
to pass ownership
("etwas an jemanden abtreten" - Fairly rare. Can be a gift as well as a business transaction, but there is a sense that the person doesn't want to part. The spoken past is built with "haben" for this meaning.)

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The meaning of "treten" - And its prefix versions

A fun look at the German verb "treten" and its family. We'll learn the origins and loads of useful related nouns and prefix verbs.

Word Family

Root: *der-

This root is not 100% certain (in a a sense that etymologists feel like they don’t have enough evidence to call it a a certain “thing”), but the core idea of it would be:

walking, making steps

And it’s the origin of English to tread, trap and trip.

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