Dictionary conjunction *der(ə)- Trotz trotz trotzdem


despite that
(You MUST think of it as "despite that" because it is NOT a direct translation for "although")
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The meaning and use of "trotzdem" and "obwohl"

A fun look at the meaning and origin of "trotzdem" and a breakdown of when to use "trotz", "trotzdem" and "obwohl". Of course with audio examples :)


trotzdem, obwohl, der Trotz, trotzen, trotz

Word of the Day - "anyway"

In this post, we'll learn the different ways to translate "anyway" to German.


trotzdem, jedenfalls, wie dem auch sei, wie auch immer, naja, sowieso, eh

"anyway" in German - The Exercise

There are five (main) ways of translating "anyway" in German. Today, we'll practice when to use which.

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Root: *der(ə)-
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