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die Anzeige

classified ad, notice
(A public message on a board or in newspapers. Very common in context of job search.)
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the display
(Focus on what is being displayed rather than the device)
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the (filed) report with the police
(official charge)
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Word Family

Root: *deik-

The core idea of this root was:

showing, telling

It’s a rather large family, but most of its members have some notion of talking or information at their core.
The biggest group are the ones around the Latin branch of dicere and dicare, which meant to speak and to proclaim.

  • diction (“how you say something”)
  • dictionary (“word book”)
  • dictate (“say”)
  • Benedict (“speak well”)
  • indict (“put in words”)
  • verdict (“true word”)
  • addict (“speak for/toward”, like a fan)
  • contradict (“counter speak”)
  • dedicate (“to declare a separate part” originally for declaring that something belongs to the Gods)
  • condition (“speak together, agree”)
  • predicate (“declare openly”)
  • vindicate (“speak with authority”)
  • syndicate (“speak into union”)
  • indicate (“declare in”)
  • paradigm (“declare beyond”)

And there are many other relatives, some of which are a real surprise.
Here’s an (incomplete) list:

  • judge (originally: “justice-speaker”)
  • digit (originally “finger, used to show number”)
  • token (“sign”)
  • toe (“finger”)
  • teach (“show and tell”)
  • index (“point into, show”)
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1 year ago

What exactly does Anzeiger mean? I have a German book that says it means announcer, but I don’t see it on your website, and yes, I looked for it under Anzeige.

What is the usual word for the kind of scoreboard that you see at baseball games? Anzeiger?

Danke schön! :-)

1 year ago
Reply to  Emanuel

As far as I know. the book does not give an example. I found this word in the glossary, which is at the back of this book.

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