Dictionary phrase *dā(i)-, *di- Zeit zur gleichen Zeit


at the same time
(sounds rather high register in German. You don't hear it much in daily life)
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Time 6 - Actions

We'll learn how to properly arrange actions (clauses) in time using the German words for before, after and while. Also: difference between nachdem and danach and others


bevor, vorher, danach, nachdem, während

Word Family

The core idea of this root was:


It has evolved in various quite different directions, but the theme of dividing is present in most of the offspring.
Here’s a little (incomplete) overview :

  • time (“dividing time”)
  • tide (“time of water”)
  • tidy (originally: “in a timely manner”)
  • deal (“divide, distribute”)
  • demon (“dealer of destiny” used to be neutral in Greek and Latin)
  • democracy (demos originally referred to a “district” of a region or settlement)
  • demagogue (“district leader”)
  • epidemic (“on a district”)
  • pandemic (“across districts”)
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