to rear up, to prance, to rise up against
("sich+Acc aufbäumen (gegen)" - originally, what animals do if they want something off their back, but it's also used figuratively for societal movements. Always used reflexively.)
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Word Family

Root: *bheu-

The core idea of this root was:

being, existing, growing

The most famous English offspring is to be and the German forms bin and bist, but there are quite a few other interesting family members to be found.
Here’s an (incomplete) overview:

  • physics, physical, … (“the existing, tangible world”)
  • the beam (originally: “what’s existing, tree”)
  • build (first “dwelling”, then “building a house”)
  • neighbor (literally: “near-dweller”)
  • husband (originally: “house dweller”)
  • fiat (Latin for “be done”)
  • future (Latin form for “going to be”)
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