Dictionary verb aus verb *bhel- (1) blind blenden ausblenden
(aus verb)


to fade out
(Slowly fading out audio or video content)
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Opposite (closest): einblenden
to ignore (on purpose), to push aside
(Ignoring or leaving aside information on purpose because you don't need it or don't want to know. NOT about having secrets but about "not wanting to deal with.")
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Word Family

The core idea of this root was:

shining, flashing, burning

The family is quite divers, but with a bit of mind yoga, the original sense is still visible in most of the offspring.

Here’s a little (incomplete) overview:

  • bleach (“make bright”)
  • blank (“bright, untarnished”)
  • bleak (“pale”)
  • blond (“pale, shining”)
  • blind (result of something shining)
  • blue (originally, it was just about a “shining” color)
  • flame (“the shining one”)
  • blaze (“flashing”)
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