Dictionary noun *bheid- Beute


the loot
(The seeming similarity with "bait" is misleading. "Beute" comes from a "be-verb" that was something like "to be-out" someone (make them empty).)
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Opposite (closest): Jäger


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Word Family

Root: *bheid-

The core idea of this root was:


This is still visible in words like boat, which were made from splitting wood, but the main branch of the family in Germanic language is about biting (“splitting with teeth”).

  • to bite
  • bit (“small part bitten off”)
  • bitter (“biting taste”)
  • bait (“makes you bite”)
  • beetle (“biting insect”)

The root is also the origin of the word pita (the bread) and pizza.
Also the Latin based fission belongs here, which is still about splitting.

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