Dictionary phrase bald Bis bald.


See you soon. Till soon.
(Note that in German, it does NOT work for the same day or the next, needs to be a bit in the future)


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Time 4 - gleich, bald, später, nachher and more

A fun look at German time adverbs that refer to the future like jetzt, bald and demnächst, see what time frame they refer to. Also: the difference between "bis gleich" and "bis bald".


jetzt, später, sofort, nachher, bald, demnächst

False Friends Explained - "bald vs bald"

A quick look at the reason why German 'bald' and English 'bald' look alike but have NOTHING in common meaning wise. And a few words for balding men in German :)


bald, kahl, glatt, die Glatze

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