to talk
(Often synonymous with "sprechen" but "reden" is not used in the context of speaking capability. The focus is on meaningful conversation.)
Opposite (closest): schweigen

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Root: *ar(ə)-
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6 months ago

Working on sentences that start with Worüber and also trying to get Reden into my vocabulary (and in my ears) and give Sprechen a rest. However, I am getting one of those Google word order flips that I am not quite understanding.

Worüber redet ihr
Worüber habt ihr gesprochen
Über was habt ihr geredet <no Worüber!>

Google Translate rejects my “Worüber habt ihr geredet” and changes it to the above. I checked and it seems this should work. Is there something wrong with “Worüber habt ihr geredet” that “Über was habt ihr geredet” fixes?

5 months ago
Reply to  Emanuel

Yes – that is exactly the case (a pattern or lack of pattern that does/doesn’t exist in the language)
Here is a new favorite – typing in the English into Google Translate:
I saw him yesterday
I saw her yesterday
translates to:
Ich habe ihn gestern gesehen
Ich sah sie gestern (!)

I know that some verbs will go to one of the past modes or the other, but changing the gender of the pronoun shouldn’t flip it….right? I figured it would stick with one regardless of the pronoun.

I have learned much on this website and other places, so I am giving the finger to Google and keeping “Ich habe sie gestern gesehen” for my flashcards. That is, unless you say otherwise :)

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