Dictionary particle *aik- eigene (r,s,n,m) eigentlich


has lots of possible translations, but usually it is NOT "actually"
("eigentlich" expresses a "normal" a broad picture as opposed to a particular instance, read the article for details)
How useful:
by the way
(in questions)
How useful:
actual, real
(As an adjective, it expresses the idea of "core, real, actual". )
How useful:


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The meaning and use of - "eigentlich"

A fun look at the meaning and the soul of "eigenlich" - one of the most misused words ever. Because it is actually NOT "actually"

Word Family

Root: *aik-

The core idea of this root was:

owning, possessing

It’s the origin of (to) own, to owe, ought and the words freight and fraught, which are probably based on a notion of carrying,bringing your belongings somewhere.

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