Prefix Verb Advent Calender – 3

Written By: Emanuel Updated: May 12, 2021
Viel Spaß mit Präfixverb Nummer 3 :)
(just click on the boot to see what’s inside)


 When a rope or a T-Shirt do it, reißen and zerreißen are pretty much the same: to rip.  Zerreißen sounds more complete but the shirt is broken in either case. But when people do it, the two words are different. Reißen alone doesn’t break anything. It just means to violently pull.  It’s the “zer” that actually rips it apart.
die Zerreisprobe – acid test
zerrissen (ge-form) – ripped apart, torn

  • Ich habe den Vertrag zerrissen.
  • I ripped the contract apart.
  • Maria hat herzzerreissend geweint.
  • Maria cried heartbreakingly.
  • Thomas ist innerlich zerissen.
  • Thomas is torn.

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