Prefix Advent Calendar – 23


Christmas, the time of presents, love … and intense family fights.
Today’s word is for the day after :)


 (sich) versöhnen (mit)

This word is kind of cute. The core is der Sohn (the son). And with the change-ver the literal translation is something like „to en-son oneself“.
Now, when Darth Vader told Luke what’s up in part two, he didn’t want to accept it. But at the end of part 3 they made peace with each other. They reconciled. And that’s versöhnen. And it works even between mother and daughter.
Note that you always have to versöhnen someone, either yourself or someone else. You need a direct object.
die Versöhnung – the reconciliation
versöhnlich  – placable (rare) 

  • Luke und Darth Vader haben sich wieder versöhnt.
  • Luke and Darth Vader made peace with each other
  • Thomas und Maria hatten Versöhnungssex.
  • Thomas and Maria had conciliatory intercourse…. or simply make up sex. 

One day till Christmas so unless you have a really burning question, no grammar questions please :)

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