Prefix Advent Calendar – 16

Written By: Emanuel Updated: October 23, 2023


Viel Spaß mit Socke Nummer 16 :)



Gleich means equal so it would make sense if vergleichen means “to make equal”, with the change-ver. And indeed, it used to mean “to balance out” but it changed over time and now it’s used for the step that comes before balancing: you have to check in how far two things are equal. Or in one word – you have to compare.
The older meaning of balancing still lives on in law jargon where vergleichen means to make settlement (to which both parties agree). 
der Vergleich – the comparison
unvergleichlich – without comparison, unequaled, incompatibly
vergleichsweise – comparatively

  • Maria compares herself too often with others.
  • Maria vergleicht sich zu viel mit anderen Leuten.
  • Verglichen mit den Wintern von früher ist dieser Winter ein Sommer von heute.
  • Compared to the winters of the old days this winter is like a summer of today.
  • Der Vergleich hinkt.
  • Lit.: “This comparison is limping (crooked).”
  • This comparison is flawed.


By the way, the word gleich is actually related to like. Just take away the “g” and you can see it. What’s up with the “g”? Well, that’s for another entry. 

If you want to try out some examples or if you have any questions  – comment section is all yours.

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