Prefix Advent Calender – 6

Written By: Emanuel Updated: June 1, 2022
Alles gute zum Nikolaus!!


führen means to guide, to lead. The ver  changes it to seduce. Whether that’s the “wrong-ver” or the “away-ver”, well, if your partner was waiting at home, I’d say it was more of the wrong-ver, but it’s a question of perception. 
Besides THE context, you know… the adult one, verführen is also used in marketing. Like… A LOT. Especially the related adjective verführerischwhich doesn’t sounds too seductive with all that “sh” and “r”. Although, it kind of also sounds French, so I guess it is seductive after all. Anyway, examples.
die Verführung – the seduction
verführt (ge-form)- seduced

  • Thomas hat Maria verführt.
  • Thomas has seduced Maria.
  • Frappokoccino® – der, mit der verführerischen Schokonote.
  • Frappococcino® – the one with the enticing hint of chocolate.

(If you’re now like “Wait, what’s wrong-ver? What’s away-ver?”, then check out our detailed look on  “ver-“… and trust me, it’ll be all clear after)

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