Prefix Advent Calendar – 10


Gestern war es beachten, heute die ver-version… die Ver-sion … haha.



Achten means to respect, to heed but originally it was a bit more neutral and meant just to consider. Verachten, with a mixture of wrong-ver and away-ver, was a negative version: „to consider bad, low“.
As achten grew in intensity toward respect, verachten moved in the other direction and finally became what it is today : to detest, to despise, scorn.
It is similar to hassen and just as intense but it’s a little more controlled. Hassen is the raw sentiment without reflecting or second guessing. 
die Verachtung – contempt, disdain

  • Der Literaturkritiker verachtet Twilight.
  • The literature critic disdains Twilight.

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i love that word. somehow it’s even stronger than “hassen” in my ears. or maybe it’s because we use “hassen” for so many things that we just can’t stand. “Ich hasse stau” etc.


Der Literaturkritiker verachtet Twilight. Wie Spaß! Ich erstelle eine Vokabelliste dieser Worte. Ich freue mich auf diese E-Mail jeden Tag.


In Welsh dialect we have “ach-y-fi” which is an expression of disgust or abhorrence


Dieses Weinachten Woerter sind ganz schoen! Ich verstehe viele Woerter besser jetzt. Danke fuer alles!