Prefix Advent Calendar – 10


Gestern war es beachten, heute die ver-version… die Ver-sion … haha.



Achten means to respect, to heed but originally it was a bit more neutral and meant just to consider. Verachten, with a mixture of wrong-ver and away-ver, was a negative version: „to consider bad, low“.
As achten grew in intensity toward respect, verachten moved in the other direction and finally became what it is today : to detest, to despise, scorn.
It is similar to hassen and just as intense but it’s a little more controlled. Hassen is the raw sentiment without reflecting or second guessing. 
die Verachtung – contempt, disdain

  • Der Literaturkritiker verachtet Twilight.
  • The literature critic disdains Twilight.

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