Prefix Advent Calendar – 11


Today’s word is not a must have for language learning … but it definitely helps :)


die Begabung

It comes from the verb begeben which meant “to inflict giving”. Meant? Yeah meant, because begeben has changed so much that it’s not even remotely about geben anymore. It’s crazy.
Begabung however mostly stayed true to its origin. It just got “epic-ed up”, a notch. You don’t use it for worldly gifts anymore, only for talents and skills that we were given at birth.
In comparison with das Talent, it sounds a bit more solemn or divine. 

begabt – gifted, talented

  • Maria ist sehr klavierbegabt.
  • Maria has a great talent for the piano.
  • Jeder hat die eine oder andere Begabung.
  • Every one has one or two talents.

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