Prefix Verb Advents Calender – 2

Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 25, 2021

Hallo ihr lieben,advent-2

und viel Spaß mit dem zweiten  Türchen von unserem Adventskalender. Each day we’ll take a peek into my upcoming book and learn about the why and what of one prefix verb.
“Türchen” is the standard word for that, by the way… little, cute door :).
Anyway, viel Spaß

der Bedarf, das Bedürfnis

They look like dürfen, smell like dürfen, heck, they even comen from dürfen – but they don’t taste like dürfen at all. 
Today’s dürfen is about having permission. For a long time though it was about something quite different: needing (old English had that verb, too). 

This old meaning is still alive in the verb bedürfen which means to need. The “be“ just makes the need a little stronger. This verb goes with a Genitive. Ewwww. No wonder it is so rare nowadays. But some of the related words are rather common.

Der Bedarf is a need or requirement in a more technical or objective sense. Das Bedürfnis is what you yourself feel like you need.

bedürftig – in need, needy, poor
bedarfsgerecht – according to the need/requirement
note also: dürftig – poor (in quality)

  • That requires my full attention. 
  • Das bedarf meiner vollen Aufmerksamkeit (gen). (rare)
  • Der Energiebedarf steigt.
  • The energy demand is rising.
  • Ich habe ein starkes Bedürfnis nach Ruhe.
  • I have a strong longing/need for calm.

If you have questions, let me know. Ansonsten bis morgen.


EDIT 2020:

If you want to know more about that family, you can check out my artile on “dürfen”

Word of the Day – “dürfen”

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