Prefix Verb Advents Calender – 2

Hallo ihr lieben,advent-2

und viel Spaß mit dem zweiten  Türchen von unserem Adventskalender. Each day we’ll take a peek into my upcoming book and learn about the why and what of one prefix verb.
“Türchen” is the standard word for that, by the way… little, cute door :).
Anyway, viel Spaß

der Bedarf, das Bedürfnis

They look like dürfen, smell like dürfen, heck, they even comen from dürfen – but they don’t taste like dürfen at all. 
Today’s dürfen is about having permission. For a long time though it was about something quite different: needing (old English had that verb, too). 

This old meaning is still alive in the verb bedürfen which means to need. The “be“ just makes the need a little stronger. This verb goes with a Genitive. Ewwww. No wonder it is so rare nowadays. But some of the related words are rather common.

Der Bedarf is a need or requirement in a more technical or objective sense. Das Bedürfnis is what you yourself feel like you need.

bedürftig – in need, needy, poor
bedarfsgerecht – according to the need/requirement
note also: dürftig – poor (in quality)

  • That requires my full attention. 
  • Das bedarf meiner vollen Aufmerksamkeit (gen). (rare)
  • Der Energiebedarf steigt.
  • The energy demand is rising.
  • Ich habe ein starkes Bedürfnis nach Ruhe.
  • I have a strong longing/need for calm.

If you have questions, let me know. Ansonsten bis morgen.

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Würde ich “der Bedarf” für eine Anwendung benutzen? Zb, in der Sinn von “Die Bedarfs für die Software-Anwendung sind unmöglich zu erfüllen”. Oder ist dann es anderes Wort?


Vielen Dank für alles, was Sie für die machen, die Deutsch zu lernen versuchen! (Könnten Sie bitte sagen, ob dieser Sazt grammatisch korrekt ist?)

Fall Into Place
Fall Into Place

Hi I have question, if you want to express time in the past what do you say?
I think that time + “lang” , when do you use “in” and “für”?


I think “bei Bedarf” is probably the most common context in which I see “Bedarf/bedürfen” in normal usage. (I’d say “as/if needed” is probably the most idiomatic English equivalent.)


– Das bedarf meiner vollen Aufmerksamkeit (gen). (rare)

Warum mag keiner den Genitiv? :-( Anyway, are you saying the use of the genitive in that sentence is rare, or the verb is becoming rare? If the verb, what would be used instead – perhaps “brauchen”?