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Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 4, 2018

Hallo everyone,

so, recently I got contacted by the people from Lingoda. 

Lingoda is an online language school where you can learn German, English, French and Spanish via Skype. And they asked me if I’d like to do a review on the blog.
I took a first glance at their offer and they have very reasonable pricing (in my opinion) and they can actually issue certificates, which is pretty cool, I think. But most importantly they said there would be some goodies for you guys. So I said “Sure, why not.”
But then I was thinking… I’m not learning German at the moment.  I’ve kind of plateaued. On the native plateau… hahaha… yeah, I know. My humor has plateaued too.
But seriously,  maybe I’m not the best person to do such a review. Sure, I can give you my thoughts on their service, take a few trial classes, see how everything works and how it feels to study with them. And I will do that. But the people who are REALLY qualified to review German learning material are you guys.
And that’s why I’d love you to join in.

I am looking for 2 people who’d like to take a few free trial classes at Lingoda.

Now everyone is of course like “Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I’ll take one.”
But there’s a catch:

You need to write a review about it.

And yes… the review will be posted on this blog :). It doesn’t need to be super extensive or anything. Just your thoughts and impressions.
You need Skype, a stable fairly fast internet connection and the “paper” is due end of November :).

Leave a comment with an answer to the following deeply philosophical question:

If the German language were an animal, which one would it be?

****** UPDATE:  wow, there are sooo many great and funny answers :D.  The two trial accounts are gone. Sorry but the decision was already hard enough  *****

You can still tell us what animal German is in your opinion though… it’s really fun to read all your comments. And if you didn’t win…. I have a cool surprise coming up soon.

Ich freu mich :). Bis dann.

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