Advent Calendar 1 – “Let the games be gin”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 19, 2020

“Let the games be gin”

Wow, that title made no sense :).
Anyway, welcome everyone, it’s the first of December, and that means it’s time for our yearly

German Advent Calendar

Also know as GAC.
And if you’re now wondering what that is …well, it’s basically like a regular Advent Calendar except that instead of opening doors or stockings, you open an email and instead of sweets and candy you get a cool little bite of German language and culture. Like…

grammar, work outs,cool language games,
little colloquial gems, jokes, poems
useful tips and tools and give-aways

It’s all in there :). 

I already did it last year, and you guys really liked it. And although it’s not completely finished yet, I think the one of this year is even better, funner and educationaler so stay tuned!!

Now, just to make sure… obviously, I will send out one email every day (I made it green because it’s a good thing).  I hope you don’t mind hearing from me more often than usual. If you do… well, you can just unsubscribe for Advent Season (I made it red because it’s a bad thing). But I hope you won’t :)

Oh and one more thing: the entire calendar will be free, so can read it every day, even if you’re not a member. Because… Advent spirit, yo.

So yeah, now you know what’s gonna happen the next 24 days and I’m actually super excited for this!!!
If you missed last years calendar and you’re curious what to expect, here’s the link to the first day:

German Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 1

Otherwise, I’ll see you guys tomorrow because it’s every day bro.
(bonus points if you get the reference ;)

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