Advent Calender 2019 – Movie Night

Written By: Emanuel Updated: November 22, 2020

Movie Night


Hallo ihr lieben,

door 4 of our Advent Calender and behind this door, there is… drumroll…

a Lernfilm for beginners

I recently found this on Youtube by chance. I’m actually pretty sure that the channel uploading itis NOT the people who actually made the movie, but I wasn’t able to find out where it comes from.
Here are the specs:

  • length: 43 min
  • subtitles: German
  • Level: A2
  • speech: clear and really easy to follow
  • camp-factor: 70%
  • rated : R (contains some nudity… nah kidding, doesn’t)

Plot summary:

Four adults, two men and two women, meet in Thai Chi class and go to a café after. They talk about work, life and other things. One of them has a crush on the waitress. They later also meet in the streets and we get to see daily life unfold.


Emanuel, overlord of interns at Yourdailygerman and accomplished movie critic had this to say:
“The movie is rather low key, but that’s to be expected from a Lernfilm. The actors do a fine job portraying normal adults and the manage to speak very clearly without having it sound forced. Especially the woman with the huge braces deserves a special mention for that.
The movie drags on from time to time, and we could call it boring, if it wasn’t for a weird sexual undertone. The way it is shot, with smiles, looks, lots of close ups and cuts, and the fact that they’re all acting so chaste makes you think… this could turn into a swinger orgie movie at any moment.
But the director never crosses that line.
Overall, if you’re a beginner and you need an easy movie with subtitles then this is perfect for you.”

Viel Spaß :).
(I’m gonna post the link here now, assuming it doesn’t turn into an embed. Take note, lawyers) 

Seriously, what kind of thumbnail is that :D.
Anyway, let me know how you liked it. Schönen Tag und bis morgen!!


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