Advent Calendar 16 – “Katastrophe vor Weihnachten”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 19, 2020


“Catastrophe before Christmas”

Hallo ihr lieben,

and welcome to day 16 of our Advent Calendar. And behind it is… no, not a catastrophe, it’s a learning novel called

“Katastrophe vor Weihnachten”.

The author is Janine Wolf-Schindler, and if you’ve followed this blog closely this year, you’ll probably already know her because I read two snippets from one of her books.
She’s an independent German teacher, she has a really helpful Youtube Chanel for German smellers and she writes and illustrates lovely little learning novels, or in short: lovels.
And just in time for the boring donkey holiday season, she has a new one out. A crime story set in the Bavarian mountains. So you’re in for some suspense, a great load of colloquial German and a bunch of culture absurdities from the land of the Weißbier and Oktoberhart. Erm… I mean Fest.
And the best thing is …

You can get the book for free!!  

All you have to do is click the link below. AND (and this is absolutely mandatory!!!) once you’re done reading it, you have to leave a review for the book. Doesn’t need to be praise, just your honest thoughts. But without the review, you won’t be able to download the book.
“Uhm… Emanuel… how are we supposed to leave a review after reading the book when we have to have left a review to even download it?”
Well, with a time loop. Duuhhhhh.
But seriously, the book won’t for free forever and reviews help Janine in the shark pool that is Amazon. So if you leave one, she’ll be really really happy.
So here you go, just click the image or the textlink :)

 Janine’s book “Katasprophe vor Weihnachten” for free 

If you want to share some first impressions here or if you’ve read others of Janine’s books, let me know in the comments.
Have fun with the book and I’ll see you all tomorrow.
Tschüssi :)

PS:     Here Janine’s Youtube Chanel – check it out!!! Or else…

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