German Advent Calendar 12 – Half Time Show

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 12, 2021

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Half Time Show (feat. Drake)

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Hello everyone,

today is the 12th of December, so we’ve reached half time of the Advent Calendar.
And what would a half time be without a really proper

Half time Show

And I’m really really really happy to have a very special someone here tonight, a good looking, talented, overly dramatic and incredibly humble Scorpio, just like myself… ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the one and only… Drake!!!!

Uh…. Drake… hello… yo, you’re up now, Drake, where are you….

hmm… I guess a certain someone doesn’t need that giant paycheck. No problem, Drake, more craft beer money for me.
And no problem for the half time show either.
Because instead, I’ll use the time and just give you guys and gals and men and women and everyone in between or in flux a couple of cool little recommendations that might be helpful for your German.

And the first one is


Youglish was suggested by one of you in the comments recently and it’s basically a Youtube subtitle search machine.

Basically, you can enter a word or phrase and Youglish pulls timestamped Youtube videos where this phrase (or a really similar one) is said, so you can hear how it sounds when real native speakers say it.  And you also get a transcript to read along.
Of course you have like zero context about the conversation, and the transcript sometimes deviates from what is actually being said.
So this is really only a tool if you’re unsure about the pronunciation of something. But still it’s a nice idea and might be helpful in some situations.
Here’s the link to their site (with the phrase “Ich habe gute Laune”).

The only thing I am not sure about is how it is with Youtube ads. I do have Youtube premium, which I highly recommend, by the way, if you use Youtube regularly. So yeah, I don’t get any ads on anything, and I am not sure if Youglish would show ads before showing the video. In that case, it’d be pretty useless without premium, so if you try it out, please let me know.

So now to the second recommendation and that one is pretty much only about fun :)

English pop hits with German lyrics

This is something I sometimes do with friends just for fun. We take a pop song and sing it with the German translation and it is usually hilariously bad – the singing as well as the lyrics.
But there’s a guy on Youtube who at least can pull off the singing part pretty well. His channel name is thisisvoyce and the concept is basically that – he takes hits and sings them with German lyrics.
So if you’re a pop fan and you know these songs, this might be a good way to remember some vocab and some phrasings.
Here’s his channel:

“thisisvoyce” on Youtube

And here’s one of his takes on of the most boring singers I know –  Ed Sheeran with the song “Thinking it loud.”

And that’s it for today :).
Let me know what you think of these … uh…. “tools” and if you have other similar recommendations.
Have a super mega awesome day, and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow. *texasintensifies

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