Grammar Jargon

This section aims at explaining the grammar terminology and to clarify the concept behind the linguistic terms. These concepts are most of the time surprisingly simple, their names however make them seem as if they are some ancient Greek or Latin voodoo. Try to read the article on Finnish grammar on Wikipedia if you want to know what I mean.
Don’t get me wrong, linguistic terminology is an indispensable tool to describe and compare languages. For the average language learner though they might be counterproductive. Grammar Jargon sure is a language of its own and  you are already busy learning another.

In this section we will talk about in a lingo that everyone can understand. The focus will be on the stuff you need for German, but lots of the concepts are universally applicable. So sit back, relax and disclose the secrets of grammar jargon.

What the heck are cases?

This article shines some light on the idea of cases in general. It doesn’t talk about cases in a specific language too much but rather gives an overview of how cases can and do work all around the world. We’ll look at what they do, how they do it and we could do do dodge ’em.


What the heck is “to conjugate”

Conjugation is one of the things you are confronted with in any language class… unless you learn Swedish. It is pretty simple and the term might sound familiar to you but maybe you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly it means. So if you need an update on that… check out the link above.


What the heck are prepositions

The term is thrown around a lot in language courses and you need them everyday in German and English… and they cause a lot of trouble for language learners. Misuse of prepositions is one of the biggest source of error in German and it is by far the most confusing… get a case wrong … well ok. But get a preposition wrong and it might alter meaning.
This article won’t solve all these problems but it will explain, what prepositions do, how to recognize them, compare German and English ones and answers the question whether prepositions are necessary at all :).


What the heck does “transitive” and “intransitive” mean?

This opinionated post takes a look at the terms transitive and intransitive. We’ll see what it means and if it is really necessary to use these words…



coming up at some point:

– What the heck is a complement

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