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Written By: Emanuel Updated: September 20, 2023

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Hello everyone,

and welcome to feature fall!!


What’s feature fall you ask?
Well, in the background, I have been working on quite a few features and projects in parallel and now, like the pumpkin and the pear, they’re finally looking ripe and we can harvest them.

So in the coming weeks, I’ll introduce some of them to you. Not all of them – the book for instance still needs some work.

But yeah, I have some cool stuff coming.

And today, we’ll make a start with a new AI Tool, which I call

AI Grammar Analyzer 

And also, I actually have a few quick little questions that are kind of important for some of the other projects.
Also…lasst uns direkt reinjumpen :)



A Quick Poll

So some of you might remember, that I am working on a browser extension. Well, let’s say extensions, because I am working on two actually. And those are kind of supposed to be the stepping stone toward an app or at least web-app.

And that’s why I have a few questions about the “gear” you’re using when it comes to browsing. So let’s go:

What type of device are you mainly using for learning German?

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Are you using an Apple device?

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Which browser are you mainly using for German learning?

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Do you have the option to use a Chrome browser?

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Awesome, thank you so much :)

If you’re wondering why I am asking about Chrome specifically – the reason for that is that Chrome has introduced a new option for extensions that lets them run in a fixed side-panel, which is WAY more convenient than the usual popup that extensions are using.

It’s very likely that other browsers will implement this feature as well, as it can really make extensions much better, but for now only Chrome has it, and the stuff we’re building is using the side-panel and I want to get an idea if we need to work on a popup version for the other browsers as well.

But anyway… I’ll talk a bit more on that in the coming weeks, when I launch the first extension.

Now let’s get to the cool stuff :)

AI Sentence Grammar Analyzer

Many of you are probably familiar with the AI tools I have made this year, based on GPT –  the example generator, story generator and the sentence corrector. If not, you can find them in the menu under “AI tools” :)

And those are getting a sibling now: the AI grammar analyzer.

I actually got the idea for that from someone in the Easy German Discord channel. There, someone mentioned that they’re using ChatGPT to analyse what cases there are in a German sentence and I thought this was a great idea, so I decided to code up a grammar analyzer.

Basically, you give it a phrase or sentence and it’ll give you a word for word analysis of the grammar. So what gender is a word, what tense, what case and so on.

And I made it so it adds a word for word translation AND also an idiomatic translation at the end.
Are you ready to check it out?

Here it is:


I’m still playing around with how to best tell GPT what we want from it. The analysis is usually correct, but it’s not always consistent. So it’ll phrase things differently or format them differently or include or exclude specific bits of information. I even noticed it skipping “dass” for some reason.

Still, I think it might be a helpful tool for some of you AND you’re absolutely invited to participate and tell me how I could make this more useful and helpful.

And if you’re now think “Hmm, this is nice, but I don’t know if I’d use it that much because I’d always have to go to this site and then copy paste a sentence.”

Well… here comes the best part!

The best part

It’s totally true… the more convenient the use for this tool, the better. And that’s why I have already made this into a browser extension (for Chrome). You just do your normal browsing and if you want to analyze something, you just mark it, click “analyze” and that’s it.

Here’s a screenshot of how it’s looking:


Sentence Analyzer Screenshot (click to enlarge)


The design is still a bit meh, but it’s just a matter of time and then I’ll put it and you can install it if you have chrome :).

It’ll still also be available here on YDG and I’ll add it to the AI menu soon.

And I think that’s it for today!
I’m really really curious to hear your feedback about the grammar analyzer and your ideas on how to make it better or more useful.
So… I’ll see you down in the comments, have a great week and bis nächstes Mal :)

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