Advent Calendar 6 – Hal-olaus

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 6, 2023

“Hal, open the grammar door please”



Hello everyone,

and welcome to day 6 of our Advent Calendar.
The 6th of December is a special day because it is Nikolaus-Tag.
In Germany, and I think also many other countries that do Christmas, kids shine their shoes and then put them outside on the evening of the 5th and then during the night, the Nikolaus comes by and drops off some little treats. Like chocolate, cookies, oranges, raisins and more.
Also in many offices, people might bring some sweets or homemade Plätzchen (German word for christmas cookies) on the 6th.
And you will get a little treat today as well … drumroll….

The YDG Grammar Analyzer Extension

A while back, I put up a little grammar analyzer based on ChatGPT where you can put in a sentence or phrase and it’ll give you an analysis of the basic grammar as well as a word by word translation.

And this is now available as a chrome extension (and Brave browser extension). So you can add it to your browser and use it while you surf the interwebs :).

Here’s how it looks:

Basically, you open the extension, and then, when you mark something on a website, it’ll get imported automatically into the “selection” and all you have to do is click “analyze”.

To open the extension, it’s easiest if you pin it to the extension bar and then click the button there.

Now, it’s still a pretty basic tool and the analysis it gives you will not always be 100% correct. Especially complicated grammar might give it a hard time. It’s ChatGPT after all, so anything has to be taken with a grain of salt.
But I think overall it can give you at least a rough orientation or just help you translate words and phrases.

Important: I have set a limit to how long the section can be that you analyze. If it is too short, please let me know, but I can’t leave it unlimited because sooner or later someone will mark an entire wikipedia entry otherwise.

It’s also pretty basic at the moment, so it’s not exactly pretty, but I will gradually improve it over time. Like… the next thing I want to add is the option to edit a section before analyzing. So you can take out irrelevant stuff for instance.

Anyway, if you want to try it out, you can install it right from the Chrome web store…

Get My Grammar Analyzer Extension – Chrome Web Store
(Note: does not work on mobile, you need to come from desktop/laptop)

It’s completely free for now, even if you’re not a member of YDG.
But if you feel like it, it’d be REALLY helpful if you leave a rating there and a short review. But please, if it doesn’t work or there’s an error, tell me here in the comments first and give me a chance to fix it :).

So yeah… tadah… happy Nikolaus!!
Let me know in the comments, if you’ve given it a try and how you like it and if you have any ideas how to improve it and what to add.
And of course let me know if something isn’t working. I have tested it of course, but you never know :).
Anyway, I’m really excited about this… my first own extension.
Can’t wait to read your feedback, have a great day und wir sehen uns morgen.

Ps.: It should work for all kinds of languages by the way ;).


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