Advent Calendar 2019 – That List Though

Written By: Emanuel Updated: September 26, 2023


“That List Though”

Hi Leute,

door 23 of the Advent Calendar and behind it is… the sneak peek of a new archive.
Now you might be like “Wait a minute, you already told us about the new archive a few weeks ago.”

But that was the winter archive. Now you get a sneak peek into the spring 2020 archive, with the latest trends in the archive scene, the archive colors of the season and edgy new looks.
Oh man, my brain is such a lazy mess today :). I actually had to do a bar shift last night because we were out of staff. It was fun and a really nice callback to back in the day when I started the blog, but I am incredibly tired today. Tired and silly.

Anyway, so there actually is a new archive coming. And this is a completely new approach.
You know that I usually take one word as the title but I talk about a whole bunch of words in the article.
So far, the archives would only list the words of the title.
But over the last year, I have worked with a programmer…wait, let me start again. Over the last year, a programmer has created a custom made piece of software that is basically a little dictionary of ALL the words discussed on the blog.

For each word, you get translations and usage info AND a link to the article in which it is discussed.
The backend of this is finished now and me and my army of elves have started filling the data base. The front end (the part that you see) is still very rough and has no functionality, and it’s gonna be a while before it’s actually convenient to use, but I am so excited to have this that I want to give you a little sneak peek.
I have had a system like this in the back of my mind for a long time, and it’s really amazing that it’s actually a reality now. And it just kind of happened! The person who did it reached out to me and offered to help.
Vielen lieben Dank Daniel!! Du bist der beste!

So yeah… if you see it you might be a bit underwhelmed at first, but the potential of the data base is huge. Like, we made it so we can add a flashcard system on top of it, so you can add vocab to your decks after reading the article and then review them. I mean… I could do that using some third party option like Anki or Quizlet, but having one that’s really integrated here is MUCH better :) :) :).

Anyway, I’m really really happy to show you this and I hope you like it. Here’s the link:

Yourdailygerman – Glossary/Dictionary 


The whole thing is actually online now :)


It’s just a long list in alphabetical order at the moment, but I’ll add more functions next year.
Let me know how you like the idea and if you’d like having flashcard and all your thoughts in the comments.
Again, big big thanks to Daniel who made this into code.
Have a great day everyone, and see you tomorrow for the very very underwhelming finale ;)

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