German Advent Calendar 20 – Person of the Year

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 20, 2021

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Person of the Year




Hallo Leute,

with a tiny little delay, here’s day number 20. And behind this door is …

a video with me an Easy German

I’m sure a few of you have actually already seen it :).
For the first time, I have actually done the street interview myself, and I have asked people the question what they think about Elon Musk.

And I can say… I was really surprised about the replies.
I don’t want to spoil anything though, so… have fun with the video :) !



Let me know in the comments, what you think about Elon and also, if you were also surprised about what people had to say.
And if you have a little time, it’s also interesting to go through the comment section on Youtube, because the topic seems to be SUPER CONTROVERSIAL. Like… the discussions heat up super quick, almost as if the topic is Trump or the Rona.
Here’s a sample…

“Elon Musk ist eine Warnung, dass die Guillotinen wieder in Betrieb sein sollten.”
(Elon Musk is a warning why the Guillotines should be operational again)

“Musk ist ein Held”
(Musk is a hero)

Interesting case where people have strong opinions about capitalism, liberty and taxes and they use Elon as a proxy for discussion.
Anyway, curious what you think, but please stay civil :D.
Have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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