Advent Calendar 20 – “Recycling”

Written By: Emanuel Updated: February 22, 2020


Hello everyone,

Advent Calendar day ___ , and behind this door is one of the most favorite activities of Germans…


Yes, we love it. We separate our trash into categories and subcategories and put it into color coded containers. Yellow for plastic, green for glass, blue for paper, orange for good mood (this one is always empty), purple for unicorn-related stuff… it’s a complete trash can rainbow in our yards.
So today, we’ll do some recycling here and take old content to make a post entirely of old content…. by making a … drumroll please… cartoon slide show.

Seriously, most of you know that I usually make a little cartoon for each article. And a while ago I was thinking that it would be kind of cool if you could just flick through them. Either as a little call back or as a sort of thumbnail to the article.
I still have to decide how exactly to use them and then I’ll have to do some coding to really integrate it into the archives… haha the archives… sounds like this big stone walled room in the basement of a castle with dusty books… anyways, I eventually decided I’m going to make a trial version and get your feedback on it :).

Bellow, you can find a simple slide show with 40 cartoons and the topic of the article. They do NOT link to the article as of yet.
Let me know if you like the idea and if you have any ideas as to how to use that for navigation.

EDIT: The gallery that was here is in the normal Category archive now :)

By the way… I do not draw the cartoons myself. I combine and modify drawings that I find online using my crazy Photoshop skills. And I add the captions, of course :)

So yeah… looking forward to your feedback. Schönen Tag euch, und bis morgen.

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