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Here, I sorted the articles into categories to help you find the type of read you’re looking for… short reads, beginner reads, B1 reads, with audio and so on.
Note that many articles belong to more than one category.

At the moment, the single archives will open in a new window, but I’m working on integrating everything here :)



a-levelThis category gathers all the articles that should be easily understandable at a beginner’s level once you’ve learned the absolute essentials.
You might find that a certain article is too advanced for you. Don’t feel bad or stupid then… I just put it in the wrong category then. It’s not always easy to tell. If you think one really doesn’t belong here… just leave me a comment.


b-levelAll the posts in this category are best if you’re already at an intermediate level. They’re not all super advanced but they usually contain at least some stuff that’ll sound intimidating if you’re really just a fledgling. Still, you can give a go of course :).
Also, all the stuff in here (words and grammar) is stuff you should know well at the end of a B level course.

Quick Reads

If you need a German quickie then these are the right articles for you. Quick, fun and all around a 1000 words. Perfect for a train ride to work or the morning number 2.

Audio Examples


If you want to have all examples read out – here are all the posts that have audio (I’m adding more bit by bit)

Must Have Words

This category compiles all the words that you absolutely, totally, undeniably, 100%edly haaaaave to know because they’re so useful and important.

Spoken German


These posts focus on the things that people use in their every day language. Colloquial expressions, slang, weird grammar, idioms… if you’re interested in this stuff, then this category is perfect for you.



The infamous particles – doch, noch, schon, eben and plenty more of these short little words that Germans throw in all the time but that are hard to translate.

Prefix Verbs

Learning German without prefix verbs is like drawing with only lines… pointless. Wow, that was bad. But the stuff in this category is awesome. All about prefix verbs and prefixes, what they mean, how they work and the differences between aufmachen and raufmachen and all the others…



“Verschieden vs. anders”, “wenn vs. falls”, “kennen vs wissen” – these and other pairs make almost every learner at some point wonder “What the hell is the difference.”
This category collects them all.

Broad Vocab

broad-vocabThis category gathers all the articles that are about generally useful words or words with interesting families and back stories but that aren’t really essential. If you want to be all efficient and get the stuff that really matters, then this is not the category to pick from. But it’s a rainy day and you need a fun read that broadens your vocabulary – then these articles are perfect. And hey… you can have the essentials down all you want. Having a broad, divers Wortschatz really makes all the difference.

/b/ Random

Random stuff you won’t find anywhere else.
Now headlines 14% more random – guaranteed ;)
But … I think it’s worth a look ;).