German Advent Calendar 5 – T-Tig 2

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 5, 2021

Yourdailygerman Advent Calendar #epic

T-Tig – Street Edition


Hello everyone,

and welcome back to your epic Advent Calendar, door number 5.
And if you’ve been following the calendar closely, you might already know by the title what is behind today’s door and its cryptic name – it’s a speaking exercise for

Telling the Time in German

A few days ago, we did one for the “formal” version of time (I call it News Speak).
And today, we’ll do one for Street Speak, which is what people actually use in everyday life.

This one is actually going to be a tiny bit longer than the one for News Speak simply because Street Speak is a little bit trickier and there’s actually a bit to remember.
Here are the most important points.

  • It uses 12 hour system, with am/pm being fully left to context.
  • The full hour is “um X”.
  • The half hour is “halb X”, with X being what is COMING.
  • The rest of the times are expressed in reference to the full hour or the half hour, depending what’s closer.
  • The 15 minutes mark and the 45 minute mark are called “viertel”.

Yeah… it’s actually really confusing in this condensed form, so if you now feel like “Hmmm, I low-key think I should review that again.” then you can find all you need in my article here… just look for the section on Street Speak:

German Time of Day 

As for the quiz itself, I’ll show you a time in number format and you have to say it as a full sentence:

“Es ist blah blah blah.”

Press record to start the recording, and press again to stop.
The button should change color. If not, it’s likely that the browser blocks my site from accessing the mic.

The AI will automatically compare your version with how it should sound correctly and calculate a percent match. If that is above the threshold, you’ll see a word by word breakdown of how you did. If not, you can try again.
The threshold is set to “60% match” but you can adjust that freely during the exercise. So you can make it super lenient or super hard or just play around with it.

If you want to hear me say it, just click hint. There will be a play button with me saying it.

And don’t forget… the goal is NOT to get 100% in pronunciation, the goal is that you practice saying the time.
So, I think we’re all set, so viel Spaß :)!

And, how was it?
It wasn’t as easy as News Speak, right?
Let me know how you did and what (if anything) you find confusing. I’ll try my best to clear it up in the comments then.
I hope you enjoyed this, have a great day and bis morgeeeeeeeeeen :)

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