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Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 4, 2018

surpriseHello everyone,

and welcome. I know most of you are waiting for part 3 of our mini series on word order and I wanted to do it but then someone suggested a topic and the idea was so great I knew instantly that would be the next post. So get ready for… drum roll please….. brrrrrrrrrrr dishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Style Special – animal movements

Tadahahhhh. If this isn’t useful, then I don’t know what is. So let’s start right with the wiggling dolphins make to move forward which in German is called…

Okay no I’m kidding of course. We won’t talk about animal movements today. I have a little surprise for you.

Last summer I reviewed a language learning website called FluentU. They are offering real life, authentic video content. And the awesome thing is…. they add subtitles. And the awesome thing about that is… it’s not just subtitles. It’s subtitles with a dictionary built in so you can hover over every word and get a translation as well as a bit of background if needed. And the awesome things about THAT is that the player automatically stops.
So it’s basically a tool that let’s you study with real people and real language even if you’re not that advanced yet.
Here’s the webpage

FluentU – Homepage

And here’s the review of last summer:

FluentU – Review

Now, why am I bringing this up?
Because they’re working on an iPhone app and they’re looking for you! As beta testers.
They’re offering 10 free beta accounts and the only condition is that you’re willing to actually spent some time with the software and give some feedback if needed, And you need an iPhone of course.
If you’re now like “Hell yeah, I want to try that out” then here’s what you have to do

Leave a comment with your favorite German word and maybe a little
bit about why you like it so much. The 5 words that get the highest
number of likes will get an account. I’ll randomly pick the other 5.
(I’ll leave that open till Wednesday)

Oh and make sure to leave your e-mail so I can contact you. Oh and another thing… if you were lucky enough to get a beta invite last summer I’d be fair to give others a chance. You can still leave your favorite German word though because I’m kind of curious :).
So, that’s already it. And just in case you are wondering what the movement of the dolphin is called… I have absolutely idea.
Ich wünsche euch einen super Start in die Woche und wir sehen uns später mit… word order.
Bis dann

Oh by the way, just in case you’re wondering… this post in NOT sponsored.  I just do it for the goodies I get to hand out :)

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