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Written By: Emanuel Updated: May 13, 2020

Hey everyone,

and welcome to the first little surprise of our little


Man, that looks sooo weird. Like one of those new startup apps, where they had to use weird letters for the name because the real ones were already taken…. like Lyft. Or Shyftplan. Or Amazon.
Anymay, if you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that I am working on two projects about prefix verbs. A book about non separable prefixes and an app for separable ones.
Well… this year, I added a third one.
And that one is actually making real progress.
I mean… not like the other ones are not making progress. They’re making tremendous progress.
But yeah, this one might actually be the first to finish, because it’s not just me… it’s a collaboration with a friend.

And it is… drum roll…

An illustrated book some of the most common German separable prefix verbs

Yeah… that’s totally not gonna be the title :).
Helen, a friend of mine, who used to be a student a long time ago, is a really great and talented illustrator. I had the idea of a book with illustrations for various meanings of prefix verbs for a while, but I didn’t have someone to do the drawings.
Last year, she started doing cartoons about her journey to learning German and the language itself, and I really like the style. And so we decided to work together :).
I do the German and she does the cartoons that’ll help make it stick in your mind.
And today, I’m really really happy to give you a little preview of two of them…. one for one of the meanings of aufgehen and one for one of the meanings of eingehen.




Aren’t these super cool? She even made her own custom font for this!!
I’m really really excited about this project and I think it’ll be a really nice book in the end. You’ll get to learn something, but it’ll also be fun just to look through it while you’re on the porcelain throne.

If you want to see more of her work about German, I really recommend that you follow her on Instagram. Well, not recommend… more like ordering.
And make sure to look through the older posts, they’re really amazing!!


Helen on Instagram!

So yeah… that’s my little surprise for today :).
And of course I’m super mega ultra curious for your thoughts and how you like the drawings.
So jump right onto the comments and let me/us know.
Have a great day or night or whatever and see you very soon with the next little surprise.

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