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Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 4, 2018

10000-commentsHello everyone,

so an important part of this site are definitely the comments. Your amazing, awesome, kick ass, lovely comments. Seriously, you guys are asking so many interesting things in the comments, you correct my stupid typos, you compliment me (I especially love that part) and you share great little insights. Oh… and you don’t troll. Like… never. I haven’t had to delete one single comment ever and seeing how we’re in the internet that is CRAZY.
But your comments aren’t only interesting, awesome, kick ass and friendly… they’re also many. How many? Well…. 

We’re coming awfully close to 10.000!!!!

Sure, this includes my own but whatever… we need to celebrate. And what better way is there than to do a little give away. Here’s what we’ll do…

Write a little poem in German. It does NOT need to be artsy or poetic or have correct grammar or anything. Just do whatever you can do at your level.
Here’s an example I made with my level:

ist heiß,

will ein Eis.(
I used formatting to make it seem more artsy)

So… cast away all shame, poetize ahead :) and whoever gets the 10.000th comment will get a book “Intuitive vocabulary”  …or a book “2001 Most useful German Words” (your choice… links below).
Oh and because it’s a bit unfair considering time zones and stuff also
number 9975 and number 10010 will get one, too.
“But wait, what if I leave the 10.000th comment but I don’t write a
poem? Will I get a book too?”
No… and you’ll forget all the German you’ve learned through voodoo magic.
“But I’m a complete beginner, so I wouldn’t lose m… ”
Enough! One does not simply not write a poem!

So … that’s how it works. And I’m REALLY  looking forward to reading them.
Thanks so much to all of you who have commented. You really make this what it is!!!!
Oh and while we’re at it… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who has donated recently (and ever). I don’t want a paywall system,  I don’t believe it’s necessary and you proof that I might be right. Thanks for supporting me and for keeping this a free source for everyone no matter what income.
But now get out your goose quill and be a little Goethe :).

UPDATE: You made it :). We’re way over 10010 now so all books are gone. You can still leave a poem if you want though. They’re all soooo lovely!!!

Here are the links so you can check out the books and buy one if you want:

Intuitive Vocabulary  (here’s my review for it)
2001 Most Useful German Words

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