The German Oracle – 2023

Written By: Emanuel Updated: January 6, 2023

Hello everyone,

and welcome to 2023!!
Frohes neues Jahr euch :).

I hope you had the start of the year that you wanted and to those who went out, I hope you got the hangover that you deserved.
My new years was not really as special as I would have hoped, because the club I went to was not too crowded and the music was … well, there was something missing. It was a small club that I usually like, but for a big event like this, I think bigger venues are better. I just don’t have any guest list connections at the moment and I really didn’t want to wait in line for two hours just to possibly get rejected.

Those of you who have gone out in Berlin probably know what I am talking about.

Anyway, happy new year again!
I hope it brings you all that you need and that there’s a huge overlap between “What I need.” and “What I want.”. Like… Ideally, the Venn diagram of those is just one circle :).

Now some of you (including myself) are like “But I’m not sure what I want and what I need.”

But not to worry, because for that we have the epic, absolutely accurate yearly German oracle. Hooray!

It’s a magical and very very spiritual image that gets channeled to my room every year, which I don’t know where it comes from or what’s in it.

But it always comes with a little note explaining how it works and this year it looks kind of special.
Because it’s not “The first three words you see are what you’ll get.” but instead the note read

“The first three words you see,
are come from within.
Give them thought
and you’ll find your truth for 2023.”

Wow, so spiritual.
Now… just to make sure… it’s a German oracle, so you’ll likely see German words, but if you should see an English one… don’t discard it. The words come from within you after all.

So yeah… focus on the present moment…

On where you are right now…

Are you in a hurry? If so, come back later.

What chair are you sitting on.

Why are you sitting there?

What are you wearing? 

Are you drinking something?

How’s the lighting?

What device are you looking at?

Why do you have that?

Is the screen clean?

Are you thinking about scrolling?


What sounds are around you right now? Take a few seconds to listen. 

How does your body feel? Any aches anywhere?

How does your brain feel? Active? Anxious? Bored?

How are your feet? Warm, cold?

take a few more seconds to just be where and who you are right now…

and then look what the German oracle is telling you.





The first 3 words you see!



If you want, you can share in the comments what you found and if that resonates with you. It’s an different oracle for everyone, so I’m really curious what you have.

Let me know in the comments, have a great start into the year and I’ll see you in a few days.

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