Advent Calendar 8 – It’s beginning to sound a lot like…

Written By: Emanuel Updated: December 10, 2022


“It’s beginning to sound a lot like Quizmas!”


Hello ihr alle

Day 8 of the epic Advent Calendar, the second trimester of the calendar is about to start and it is time to get a little active again. And today is actually kind of special, because I want to try something new:

A Quiz about Onomatopoeia

And yes… I… I totally copy-pasted this word. I almost broke a finger when I tried typing it, it’s so complicated.
But yeah, Onomatopoeia is the proper term for words that are shaped after the sound they stand for. Like to buzz or to fizz.
Every language has them, but of course they’re a little different in every language, because the sounds are also different.
Nah, kidding… the sounds are of course the same, but they way the people hear them and how they emulate them with their inventory of sounds is different.

Anyway, I made a post about German Onomatopoeia a (long) while ago, so if you want to check that out, you can find it here:

Sounds in German – And Overview

But today, I actually want to try this as a little quiz!

It’s pretty simple: I give you a sound or noise and you have to pick the right verb for it.

I’ve decided to make it a sorting quiz, so you get four sounds and four verbs at a time and you have to sort them. To hear the sound, just click the play button and to move a verb, just tap/click and hold and drag it into the free spot next to the sound. You can change them around as much as you want. We’ll do two rounds, so it’ll be 8 sounds in total. 

But if you enjoy this quiz, we can totally do more in the future :)

Let me know in the comments how you did and how you liked it. And also, let me know how well you think the German words match up with the sound they stand for.
I find they match up pretty well, but I’m a native speaker, so of course I feel that way.
Really curious to hear your thoughts.

So yeah, enjoy the quiz, have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow.




quietschen (an old bike that needs oil):

knarren (wood of an old door):

knacken (the sounds when cracking a nut):

knirschen (grinding your teeth):

Round 2:

plätschern (a small rivulet):

rasseln (a chain of a bike, a kid with a rattle):

rascheln (dry leaves in fall):

summen (bees):

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