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A summer flirt

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student’s choice

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Membership FAQ

Member? What? Why? Wasn’t this for free once?

It wasn’t. It was “pay what you want”. But I guess the world isn’t ready for that yet. That’s why the “membership” thing. But we’ll make it work for everyone, even those who can’t pay.

 Do the different plans come with different cool features?

No, the only difference is the length of the membership. They’re lame like that.

Can I login on different devices?

Definitely. Once you’re a member you can log in on all computers in the world at once. Except for Chuck Norris’ computer. That one into you…. yeah, I know that made no sense.

Can I pay with my German/Eu Bank account

Yup. Just email me with what plan you’d like to have and I’ll give you the details (

Broke? Can’t pay?

I don’t want to exclude anybody from learning just because they can’t pay. And there are several reasons… some of your are underage and don’t get an allowance, some of you come from a country where dollars are hard to come by and 30 dollars is a lot. Some come from a country that doesn’t have Paypal or Stripe. And some simply can’t afford it.
Anyone should have the right and chance to educate themselves so you’re all welcome here.
But before you go like “Yeah.. broke! That’s totally me.” – take a moment and think. If you’re “student broke” but you have enough cash to buy pints, then you can indeed pay for this too.
But if you really can’t pay… waiting for your mail! (

Is my data safe?

Yes. As safe as it can be online. The payments are processed by Stripe or Paypal. You do not need to supply an address or a name and your credit card data does not hit the server, nor do I have access to it. The process is PCI compliant and uses the https-protocol.

Is there a trial period? Can I get my money back?

Yes, if you cancel in time. Refund period for the 1 month plan is 4 days. Refund period for the other plans is 7 days. If you cancel in time, I will refund the full price within four days.

But wait… I could read two post on my desktop, two on my phone and two on my iPad, right? Right??

Yes, you can totally do that. And there are more ways to sneak in. But if like something so  much that you jump through hoops to get it, maybe paying for it would be fair ;).  (And if you’re really broke… email me)

Oh and an important thing…

If you have a WordPress account already, then you do NOT need a new password. You’ll be logged in via wordpress.


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  1. Kathleen Chevrot

    Kann ich mit Euros bezahlen? Dollars habe ich keine… leider. Mein Name ist nicht Trump.

    • Meiner auch nicht :). Wie willst du denn bezahlen… über Kreditkarte (Stripe) oder Paypal? Ich muss mal gucken, wie man da die Währung auswählen kann.
      Schreib mir vielleicht einfach eine Mail…

    • Das ist OK; Trump hat kein dollars auch!!

      • How can you say that?! He has the best and many-est dollars.

        • Hi, just come across your blog and I like the way you explain things! How does the membership thing work?
          Also, quick question, if you were to say for example ‘That is the best.’ what gender would best be, if that makes sense?

          • Hey Lucy, as a member you can read as much as you want, while as a non member you are limited to two articles per week (7 days).
            If you become a member you’ll chose a user name and password and then you can log in.
            Let me know if you have more questions about this.

            As for the other question:
            I know it sucks but it depends on context.
            If it is clear what kind of object (or person) you’re talking about, then that sets the gender.

            – Have you eaten his pumpkin soup? That’s the best.

            Soup is “die Suppe” in German, so here we’d say

            – Das ist die beste.

            If it’s not clear what object you mean, like for instance if you talk about an activity, then you’d use “das”

            – Lass uns heute Netflix gucken. Das ist das beste für so einen Tag.
            – Let’s watch Netflix today. That’s the best for a day like this.

            Hope that helps :)

        • Im 8. Highschool and aint got no money. I have terrible english teachers also. But is there anyway i can get membership with no cost

  2. Do you take Maestro?

  3. Paul E Ramoni Jr

    Although the payment screen specifies Discover Card, a popup says it is an unsupported card? Was ist los mit Discover, bitte?

  4. Very easy to set up membership. I used my promo code thinking I could knock this out and donate later, but now that I check it seems there is no independent donation option. Warum willst du mein Geld nicht?! (I feel like I mucked that up lol)

  5. Thanks for taking the trouble to set that up. I can now visit with a clear conscience…. until membership expires.
    Any plans for life memberships? – for very slow learners and addicts.

    • I’ll think about it, it’s hard to put a price on that though :). Oh and then … or maybe a bonus system where you can earn discount or free membership by commenting.

  6. Thank you so much for the membership, Emanuel ,and the members who donated the extra cash! I really appreciate it!!
    Greetings from Sudan!! :)

  7. Saeed Al Hassan

    Hello this website is so great and MR.Emanuel is so generous I reported him in Email about my situation as a refugee and a that I am Deutschphilo and that I have no credit cards to apply for a membership he was so much generous to offer my a one year memebership for free this is really was beyond my expectations I should also thank all of those who donate to this site a thanks from the bottom of my heart.This site is really joyful and great and I promise when ever I got a chance to donate for it I will

  8. Andrés Zambrano

    Hi Guys! I just wanted to thank Emmanuel , and the sponsors that make posible the scholarships, i explained also like Saeed that for me it’s really hard to pay because i don’t have a credit card! anyway, i will pay as soon as i can for a round of beers for you guys ;)! Thanks!!!

    The Proud 3 Month free student

    Andrés Zambrano.

    Viele Gruße aus Kolumbien!

  9. Anonymous Anteater

    I am a student in Germany, and was finding this site really helpful because it allowed me to learn German with fun – something that hardly any textbooks were able to achieve! However, for various reasons, I am not able to pay online. I really wanted to keep reading these articles, though. I send Emanuel an email, and guess what? He gave me access to the site! I want to thank you very much, Emanuel, for helping people who can’t pay learn German nevertheless. You rock!

  10. It seems like I am not the only one who got free membership covered by other kind-hearted German learners. I hope one day soon I could do the same to help people in need. Thank you and let’s spread kindness together :)

  11. Hi there! Namaskar!
    I was so traurig, snif, snif:-( ask me why please…
    – Why?
    – Because Presently i’m in a remote countryside in south india Kerala and Due to some issues i couldn’t pay the registration fees.
    But the german lovers community made it possible.
    Emmanuel told me that thanks to some contributiors I will have a 3 month access.
    Ich bedanke mich zu diesem ehrlichen contributoren….
    Jetzt nur noch 3 month links. Muss ich eilen..

    Viele grüsse!

    • Ops, I actually meant to give you 12 months… I was a bit hangover this morning. I just changed it so it’s 12 months now jetzt musst du dich nicht mehr beeilen :)

      • I think you actually appreciate small corrections, so here goes :) You’d either have to say “I was a bit hungover” or “I had a small/slight hangover”. To BE a hangover would probably make you a miserable human being.

  12. Ano Menschkind Königin

    Hi, Emanuel ^•^

    Frage: ist es möglich für dich, indische Rupien anzunehmen? Dann kann ich wohl dich bezahlen… Es wäre zwar iwie viel für mich, aber ich glaube dass du mindestens etwas Verdienst. :)
    Die bekanntesten Menschkind der Welt ;)

    • Hi bekanntestes Menschkind :)… ich glaube Rupien geht nicht bei mir aufs Konto. Aber wenn du eine Kreditkarte hast, kann das vielleicht trotzdem funktionieren. Das wird dann von deiner Bank gewechselt.
      Aber wenn du kein Geld hast, dann mach dir keinen Stress. Dann musst du nix bezahlen. Schick mir einfach eine Mail

  13. Hey Emanuel, I’ve been meaning to register for a while now but haven’t gotten around to it. One question as I try to do this: you say that WordPress users shouldn’t have to create a new login/password, but I can’t see how to proceed to payment without doing that. What do I need to do just to keep my WP info as my login data?

    • If you’re visiting the site while being logged in you’ll get a little window after clicking on two articles. There, it’ll say “find out more” and if you click there you’ll get to the same page you can see from the top “become a member” menu. When you go there this way, I thought it keeps your information. Have you tried that?

      • I just tried that instead of coming to this page directly, but it’s still asking me either to log in or create a username/password and won’t let me go on to pay without doing that. As far as I can tell, I’m logged in the whole time.

        It wouldn’t be a big deal to create a new login, I just didn’t want to do that if I don’t really need to.

  14. I have being trying to learn German for a while now… (I will not say how long:P)

    So I am determined to be able to speak in at least one other language eventually, so taking the plunge and going to buy a membership when I get paid this week :)

    Thank you German-is-easy for a great website and all the useful links too! I am genuinely looking forward to accessing super learning info!

    #OneExcitedUnicorn :P

  15. I had a problem with the Paypal payment. It went through almost to the end and then it hanged on a last step. My Paypal account doesn’t seem to be charged. I am not sure if I should try it again, because I fear of a double charge. I went for 6 months subscription with promotional code.

    • Could you send me a quick email… then I’ll check if there’s some payment and we can see how we do this (the payment process is done by Paypal entirely, so I can’t really tell what’s going wrong). Oh and let me know (in the email) which code you were trying. Sorry for the trouble.

  16. Emanuel putting great content on this website and the people sponsoring german students that can’t afford membership… Impeccable teamwork!
    I really want to thank all the people who’ve provided me this sponsored membership.
    Additionally, I’m sure that I’m going to sponsor people in need when I get to afford it, therefore become a contributing member of this awesome community.

  17. Vielen Dank Emanuel und ich möchte auch allen Leuten danken ,die Geld spenden für uns ,wir als Studenten und Flüchtlinge gleichzeitig , die unsere Situation uns nicht hilft zu bezahlen. :)
    Herzliche Grüße.

    • Willkommen :). Dein Deutsch ist übrigens schon ziemlich gut. Der Satz, den du geschrieben hast, war nicht einfach! Hier mal eine Korrektur:

      – … die Geld spenden für uns – wir als Studenten und Flüchtlinge gleichzeitig – denen unsere Situation nicht hilft zu bezahlen.

      Das “denen” ist Relativpronomen “Dativ” Plural und kommt von “helfen”. Die Situation hilft jemandem. In Englisch wäre es sowas wie “the people for whom”

  18. Ich möchte nur DANKE zu sagen, Ich danke Emanuel und auch allen Leuten, die extra Geld für uns Studenten bezahlt. Ich kann jetzt weiter Deutsch lernen mit diese erstaunliche Website. Vielen vielen Danke!

  19. Thank you, Emanuel, as well as those who have sent in sponsorship donations so that I, and others without the financial means, are able to access this wonderful site. Like funkfiction, I plan to sponsor others when we are back on our feet financially. Thank you again!

  20. I also would be interested in a lifetime membership as I am a slow learner and kind of do it in spurts. I hope you decide to do that as I’ll be the first in line. :)

  21. Hi, I am working as part of a team, with Daimler on an international project. I think learning one German word per day would be a great team building activity and could help in many unexpected ways (even as an icebreaker topic in meetings). That said, our corporate compliance policies would not allow me to register our project group for this website. Any chance, you can support us free of cost? Here’s hoping. I’m providing my personal email address.

  22. This may be not the first time anyone has say it, but here is my own tiny contribution anyway: Emmanuel is one heck of a nice guy. I contacted him a couple days ago in a effort to explain my situation ( giving that I live in a country where you need a lot of money to educate yourself; self-teach is the way to go). Not only he gave me the tools to go further on my journey to acomplish my dream, but he also gifted me some of the most motivational words I had ever received. I cannot stop thanking him for everything, and I move forward teaching myself with more passion than ever before. Thank you.

  23. Dear Emanuel and all the donors,

    My name is Tan from Singapore, thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity for me to experience and learn German with the complimentary support & usage of “German is easy” website! It is indeed much appreciated!

  24. Question: do your daily words you learn have audio to learn how to say the word properly? The problem is having someone to pratice with that can speak German!

    • I don’t really have daily words… they’re just called Word of the Day. I post once a week. However, there’s an archive of about 300 words already, so you can technically read one a day.
      The new articles all come with audio for all examples and I have added audio to older articles as well but so far it’s 50 out of 300 that have audio. I’ll add more but that’ll take some time.

  25. I can’t really pay for this can you give me your email so i contact you.

  26. danke schön!!
    thanks to all the wonderful people who donated so that i can take extra lessons in german! and to Emanuel for creating this amazing website :)

  27. Hallo Emanuel,
    ich bin Deutscher und lese gelegentlich Ihren Blog, nicht um Deutsch zu lernen, sondern um meine Englischkenntnisse zu verbessern. Auch dafür eignet sich Ihr Blog, wie ich finde, hervorragend.Vor etwa zwei Jahren hatte ich 300,00 Dollar über paypal “donated”- nach dem Motto “pay what you want” und in dem Glauben, dass ich nun für recht lange Zeit Ihren Blog lesen kann, wenn ich Zeit und Lust dazu habe (was nach sehr langer Zeit heute wieder der Fall ist). Mit Überraschung lese ich nun dieses “membership thing”. Da ich mich nach meiner donation irgendwie als Mitglied fühle, frage ich nun, wie Sie das sehen und was ich tun soll oder muss, damit ich weiterhin Ihre spannenden Beiträge lesen kann . Für eine Antwort an meine Email-Adresse wäre ich dankbar.
    Freundliche Grüße

  28. Hello!

    First of all, I agree that to talk about this subject would be more appropriate trough exchanging e-mails, but I could not find your adress.
    The matter is I believe I fit into the category defined at this page: I’m a full time student (no payments involved in my life T.T) who lives at Brazil, a country where dollars are really expensive. I’ve been reading some of your posts, every now and them, but recently I decided to take learning German a little bit more serious and to dedicate more time to it. As consequence, I discovered the 2 articles per week limitation and thus the membership dinamics. Unfortunately, I can not afford the requested values, but really want to continue using this blog, which has already given me plenty of help.

    I see no reason to extend myself here any further, as I sure must have made my intentions clear. Can you e-mail me so we can continue this talk?

    Thanks a lot!

  29. HI. Thanks for your German is easy posts which are both educational and humourous. I sometimes have an issue accessing the full posts. Even when I have not even opened any at all in that week, I get the message that I have reached the limit. Like today for example.

  30. No worries, I know now. Thank you.

  31. Thank you Emanuel and those who paid more to help others. Your extra payments mean a lot to other people. I’ll do my best to learn German!

  32. Hallo an alle! I just want to tell everyone how awesome Professor Emanuel is. Not only he has made this incredible blog to teach us how cool can German be, but he is also a very generous teacher. He gave me the scholarship and he also corrected my message. It’s amazing to know that we have such incredible people in the world. I will keep learning so many things in this blog… Thanks a lot! :) I’ll be grateful all my life for this… And thanks for the sponsors too… I just can’t express how happy and grateful I am for all this :D

  33. Ich hab’ ein bisschen Problem mit dem Log-In. Ich hab’ mich schon beworben sowie auch per-paypal bezahlen aber ich kann bis jetzt nicht durch. Also, muss man irgendwie zum ersten mal ‘ne bestätigungsemail bekommen? oder wie geht das? :)

  34. Ich glaube, dass das Problem an der Bezahlung liegt. Ich habe mein Pay-Pal konto nachgeschaut. Es scheint, dass das kein Geld daraus ausgehoben hat. Soll ich mich noch mal registrieren?

  35. So I joined up with a 3 month subscription; my CC statement says on Nov 14. But none of my devices can read more than two articles now 8-(. I cannot find a login screen on this website, nor an email that even confirms that I paid.

    How can I authenticate my devices?

    • Hi John,
      after signing up, you should get an email with a link to a login.
      In general, the login is at this address:


      There, you can put in your user and password and you should be good to go.

      Now… I checked the email address you used for the comment and it was not in the memberslist. So if you used this one, then something indeed went wrong. Could you drop me a quick mail about what was your username/sign up/email and how you payed (with or without paypal).
      But try the login first.
      Sorry for the complications

  36. I want to thank everyone for their donations that allowed me to become a member on this awesome site. I recently moved to German and started the integration course. I’ve been struggling the class’ intensity and this site has helped and will help me be successful. Thank you all again.

  37. Hey guys,

    I just wanted to say a HUGE ‘thank you!’ to this amazing learning community for pitching in to scholarship memberships. I feel so lucky to have benefited from your funding, and I know that membership access to this website is going to have an incredible impact on my studies – one that I’d never have been able to afford otherwise.

    Thank you again!


  38. Hi Emmanuel. I can’t pay with Paypal. I pressed the button but only saw the word “Processing”. Is there any way I can pay you using the pay service on the Paypal website?

  39. Thank you Emmanuel and you all at for giving the opportunity to broaden my German knowledge by singing me up for a full semester! Thank you a thousand timesss!


  40. Ismayil Khayredinov

    I am going to sign up for membership, but I am wondering what happens when I enter the password. Do you get an email with my password in clear text, or is it stored in the database as a salted hash? Question is how secure is that form?

  41. Patricia A. Fink Martin

    Hi Emanuel! I love your blog site and have used it a bit when it was free. I would like to get a membership and I filled out all the information using a Discover card but I got a message that the card was not accepted. I can’t remember the exact phrasing but it gave me the impression that Discover cards weren’t accepted but when I looked at the instructions that card is listed as an option. Help! Patricia

  42. Dear Emanuel, thank you so much for giving me a scholarship! This site is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful I will be able to learn more! Thank you so much again, that is so kind and generous.. Have a success!

  43. sorry, apart of supporting you, what are the advantage of the subscription?

  44. Thank you so much for allowing me to learn from this blog and for covering my membership fee.

    As a perpetually broke student from Pakistan, dollars can be a little hard to come by… Thanks a lot… I really appreciate it… :)

  45. Hallo! I’m a little confused about what you get in the membership. I can see many articles already…. are there more?!?!

    • No, the thing is that you can only fully access two within 7 days (per device). So after you’ve read two, they will be cut off after the beginning. I chose this way because I wanted everything to be accessible for everyone. It’s just if you want to really use the site to study and read more than 2 per week, that you need to pay :)

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