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Other  members have sponsored scholarships for people in need, so
send me an email. Seriously, you’re welcome here!

Oh, and yes, I do take Crypto… see FAQ for details

2 weeks - 5 $

The price for membership is $5.00 now.
Membership expires after 2 Weeks.


Dipping the toe

You’re not sure whether a membership makes sense for you or if you’re even gonna read your money’s worth? Then try it out for a couple of weeks and see.

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3 months - 16 $

The price for membership is $16.00 now.
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A summer flirt

If German is just your summer flirt (or winter flirt or fall flirt), then this might be the right plan for you. But be warned: German gets sexier by the day… wow, I used “German” and “sexier” in one sentence. Weird.

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6 months - 30 $

The price for membership is $30.00 now.
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student’s choice

Basically one full semester of German for as little as 30 bucks. And even if you read 1 post a day you won’t have read all there is. So it’s a pretty decent deal.

But not what unicorns would take.

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12 months - 40 $

The price for membership is $40.00 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.


Unicorns’ choice

Unicorns usually choose this plan. They know learning a language takes time. And they’re bargain hunters.
Seriously though … if you like this blog and learning German is more than a summer flirt then become a member for a year and save loads of cash. Well, okay… a bit of cash :)

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Membership FAQ

Do the different plans come with different cool features?

No, the only difference is the length of the membership. They’re lame like that.

Can I login on different devices?

Definitely. Once you’re a member you can log in on all computers in the world at once. Except for Chuck Norris’ computer. That one into you…. yeah, I know that made no sense.

Can I pay with my German/Eu Bank account

Yup. Just email me with what plan you’d like to have and I’ll give you the details (

Can I pay with Crypto?

Yes, I accept Bitcoin but I’d actually prefer ADA (Cardano). It is a great project that’s worth supporting and it actually allows reasonable fees.
Ethereum gas is too expensive for the time being. If you want to pay in Bitcoin or ADA, send me an email and we’ll make it work.

Broke? Can’t pay?

I don’t want to exclude anybody from learning just because they can’t pay. And there are several reasons… some of your are underage and don’t get an allowance, some of you come from a country where dollars are hard to come by and 30 dollars is a lot. Some come from a country that doesn’t have Paypal or Stripe. And some simply can’t afford it.
Anyone should have the right and chance to educate themselves so you’re all welcome here.
But before you go like “Yeah.. broke! That’s totally me.” – take a moment and think. If you’re “student broke” but you have enough cash to buy pints, then you can indeed pay for this too.
But if you really can’t pay… waiting for your mail! (

Is my data safe?

Yes. As safe as it can be online. The payments are processed by Stripe or Paypal. You do not need to supply an address or a name and your credit card data does not hit the server, nor do I have access to it. The process is PCI compliant and uses the https-protocol.

Is there a trial period? Can I get my money back?

Yes, if you cancel in time. Refund period for the 1 month plan is 4 days. Refund period for the other plans is 7 days. If you cancel in time, I will refund the full price within four days.

But wait… I could read two post on my desktop, two on my phone and two on my iPad, right? Right??

Yes, you can totally do that. And there are more ways to sneak in. But if like something so  much that you jump through hoops to get it, maybe paying for it would be fair ;).  (And if you’re really broke… email me)

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